“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I am paying attention and practicing gratitude.” Brene Brown


Lens and Beauty emma morgan

Emma Morgan caroline hiodgeCara Hodge

(C) Summer Murdock | Photographer

Summer Murdock

emily mitchellEmily Mitchell


Monica Hart

amanda fraserAmanda Fraser

jessie authurJessie Arthur

cindy hughes

Cindy Hughes


Monica McNeil

lexi brenner

Lexi Brenner

23117405072_8d6fbbe75d_kRenee Jansen

liesel sanday

Liesel Sandy

mariah evansMariah Evans


Celina Bailey

kate cornfoot

Kate Cornfoot

sonia stich http:::www.sonjastich.de

Sonia Stich

suzie zeimkieSuzie Zeimke

Mel Karlberg

Mel Karlberg

shonagh stockdael

Shonagh Stockdale

abigail fahiley

Abigail Fahey


Shelley Glimcher

katie bKatie Brenkert



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